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Archangel Zadkiel

Keywords:  Peace of Mind, Self-awareness, Mercy,
Forgiveness, Inner Strength, Inner Freedom.

Archangel Zadkiel name means “righteousness of God.”  In
rabbinic tradition, Zadkiel is known as the angel of
benevolence, mercy and memory.
Archangel Zadkiel and his twin flame, Holy Amethyst, are the
archangels of the seventh ray. Together with the violet-flame
angels, they serve mankind from the Temple of Purification.
Archangel Zadkiel embody God’s freedom, alchemy,
transmutation, forgiveness and justice.
Chevron Amethyst is said to combine the strengthening and
enhancing energies of quartz with the stress relieving
energies of amethyst.
Together these minerals create the chevron amethyst, which
is noted in metaphysics to enhance peace of mind, relaxation
and self-discovery.
Chevron amethyst is said to bring courage and inner strength.
The stone is said to lessen any resistance to helping oneself,
particularly as concerns self-awareness. It also is said to
diminish addictive tendencies and assists in recovery from
Chevron amethyst is associated with the third eye or crown

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