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Traditional Usui Reiki Energies/Manifesting Crystal Grid/Alter charging crystals/Sacred Reiki Symbols of Activation +1 tumble crystal reiki charged
Colourful & beautiful Crystal Grid and Made to Order from the powerful energetic place of Glastonbury, United Kingdom.
Dimensions:  30cm x 30cm.


This sacred Grid of traditional Usui Reiki has been designed and created from scratch containing sacred geometry knowledge, colour therapy, sacred Reiki symbols, chakra secrets and many years of experience of energy at Reiki Master Level. Every crystal grid + tumble crystal have been infused with Angelic Reiki to enhance healing, spiritual growth, abundance and manifesting your intentions.

This crystal grid is very easy to use in meditation or just for easy few minutes a day to set up your intentions and then get on with your day. You can make an alter with this Crystal grid to help you with clarity and manifesting your desires, or you can use it on your alter to place your own crystals on the  grid to amplify the good vibrations of your manifesting intentions and also to charge your crystals to the same high vibration the grids resonates with, to work in union with crystals.
This grid is a powerful spiritual tool that works day and night to release your good intentions and keep you focused on your life's purpose and desires.


You will receive 1pc x laminated crystal grid + 1pc x  Angelic Reiki charged tumble crystal, specifically chosen for you to link your own energies to the grid, you can see examples of tumble stones that you may receive in the photo with the separate tumbles. Only one tumble crystal per grid which will be chosen intuitively.
Please note larger crystals/points in the photos are not included, they are shown for display purposes only for the user to see an example of how the grids can be used.
We send every item by Royal Mail Signed For delivery or Tracked according to the delivery services of the receiving country. 
All our crystal grids are also available in fabric, if you have any questions or you're unsure please contact us for more info.

Traditional Usui Reiki Energies/Manifesting Crystal Grid/Alter charging crystals

    • Manifesting your intentions Crystal Grid 
    • Our Unique Design
    • Shipped within 1-2 working days from ordering
    • International Shipping

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